Week 3 CFCC Wrap: Pretenders and Contenders

by: Sugar (September 21, 2016)

Week 3 CFCC is in the books and it once again that time of the contest when the contenders begin to distant themselves from the pretenders. Pretender #1. Florida State. The all-member consensus was 3 on the Seminoles, so dirty-dawgers were cautious, with 134 actually selecting Louisville. Despite the low confidence and about a third taking the Cardinals, we doubt anyone saw that beat-down coming. Pretender #2...Oklahoma. Despite having an incredible record as an underdog at home, Urban Meyer proved he is the real deal when it comes to big games, while Big Game Bob is just, well, Bo...
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PFCC Week 1: Rarified "Error"

by: The Cold Hard Truth

Before I talk about Week 1 of the NFL football and PFCC, I must first apologize. I have to bring up baseball for one brief moment. Itís not my favorite sport, but each year the story lines are simply great. This baseball season, I was focused in part on Ichiro Suzukiís quest for 3000 hitsÖand yes, he did it. At almost 43 years old, the guy is currently batting .301, and as of the writing of this article, he now stands at 3025 hits. This year he eclipsed the 500 stolen base plateau as well, making all the other 40-plus year old men look slow and out of shape. Thank you Ichiro! Yet, it is another stat that ...
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PFCC Week 2: Going Out of Business Sale at the NFL

by: exRegionalWeenie

You better make your PFCC picks soon. Like, right now. This could be the final week of NFL action. Ever.

It seemed like 50% of NFL players were injured in Week 2. When the other half goes down this weekend, there's gonna be no one left to play the games. You can kiss the NFL goodbye. Hasta luego. Sayonara.

Fortunately, change brings opportunity. Check out this snappy tee that I'm going to sell on Amazon real soon. Get 'em fast because I plan to price gouge as soon as pro football ends.
These are gonna be HUGE
when The Shield folds!

Players dropped left and right in Week 2. Quarterbacks Garoppolo and McCown went down with chrushed shoulders. Denver LB DeMarcus Ware broke his arm. Two or three dudes exited games via backboards and ambulances. I think I heard that one player had to be Life Flighted and maybe one or two died. Man, what a bad week.

And running backs?? Holy cow, I think all of them died. Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, Doug Martin, Jonathan Stewart, Arian Foster, Thomas Rawls...yikes. Let's face it - it's only Week 2 and you're a nobody unless your ACL is torn, brain is concussed or groin is pulled. Speaking of knees and groins, check out these dirty-dawg exclusive pics:

San Diego RB Danny Woodhead's
ACL exploded last week.

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