JV Pacing CFCC Field at Blowout Pause

by: Sugar (November 28, 2017)

What has become of us? For the second week in a row we find Johnny Vegas at the top of the dirty-dawg CFCC standings and he will hold that position heading into the annual Blow Blowout. JV of course, is our fictional player that represents the Las Vegas bookmakers' confidence picks based on their composite odds for each game. And we all know that those Vegas casinos don't build themselves, so JV picks are usually pretty good. He usually hangs around the Top 50, occasionally the Top 25 and sometimes even in the Top 10. But never, ever, ever has he been at the top of the standings. Certainly not for 2 weeks straight.

But here we are, after 13 weeks in the books, Johnny Vegas, from Las Vegas, NV leads the CFCC field with 815 points and a 138-56 overall record. And if it wasn't for dirty-dawg vet Kerry Jones from Albuquerque, JV would have the best record at this point too. Kerry however, has picked one game better and sits in 6th place overall with a 139-55 record, just 12 points off the lead. Brett Williams from Selma, TX is in 2nd place with 809 points (-6), Linda Lininger is in 3rd (-8) while Josh Boustead and Becky Pritt are 10 points back in 4th and 5th places respectively. Linda Ashford, Kent Kuyper, 2004 runner-up Jason Runyen and G. Wayne Baggett round out the Top 10 and are all within 30 points of the lead and have a very legitimate shot of winning the coveted CFCC crown. Just out of the Top 10 are two other premier CFCC dawgers that go by the name of Jeri Adams (2016 3rd Place), in 12th place and 2009 Champion David Schomaker in 13th place.

One of our favorite named dirty-dawgers, Rusty Painter, took home Week 13 honors on a 108 points and only missed the Mississippi State debacle and North Carolina. Susan Fuller was the Week 13 runner-up wtih 106 points on a 12-3 record. And we have bad news in Group Play. Florida Dummies lead the way at the Blowout pause with an average score of 736.17 points. Florida Dummies have won group play so many times we have lost track. Florida Dummies means business. Florida Dummies is tough to catch and they are pulling it off this year despite rather lacklulster seasons by the Gators and Seminoles. So, good luck to 2nd place Boomerbacks with 724.25 points and 3rd place Dawgzilla. They are going to need it!

The CFCC will now pause to watch the various conference championships stress-free, although there will be plenty on the line. Probably the most on the line of any championship games in the College Football Playoff era. Three of the games, the Big 10, ACC and SEC championships are most likely quarter-final games with the winner likely invited to the big party on New Year's Day. Oklahoma will be in if they can beat TCU again, and Alabama probably isn't out no matter what happens. It should be a great weekend of college football. And the controversy when it is all over will probably force an 8 team playoff in the not-too-distant future.

If I were a one-man playoff committee my rankings would go like this: Auburn, Clemson, Wisconsin, Alabama. And obviously I think, Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia and Ohio State have a good shot as well. What do you know, that is 8 teams right there! Baker Mayfield will win the Heisman, but I will grab my crotch and plant my flag on your 50-yard line if OU's defense can hold up against the elite teams in the country. And you heard it here first, Johnny Vegas will NOT win CFCC. The bowl games are where the Vegas methodology of relying on key stats breaks down. Emotion plays a huge part in games between a bunch of (largely) immature 18-22 year olds and this bowl season will be no different.

So, hold tight as we await the official playoffs and bowl match-ups. We will then make the Bowl Blowout form available with 25 of the best bowl games. At that point, you will all put 1 through 25 on the games, keeping in mind that the National Championship game counts double points. Until then, kick back and enjoy the conference championship games and we will be in touch for another incredible CFCC finale!