Week 1 CFCC 2017

By Boda

Usually, week 1 of the college football season is populated with big-time programs taking on various tomato cans. This year had its share of mismatches, but also provided an unusual number of entertaining games and just weird stuff. This week had the greatest upset in modern college football history when Howard University defeated 43 point favorite UNLV, relegating Stanford (over USC), and Appalachian State (over Michigan) to historical footnotes. We also had the second largest comeback in college football history when UCLA came back from a 34 point deficit to defeat Texas A&M. And Florida got pasted by a team with mustard colored uniforms not named West Virginia. It sucks to be a Florida Gator fan these days. Just ask ‘em. (Insert image of choice here).

Then there is the football dumpster fire in south Texas, which at least has a silver lining in that all of the Hurricane Harvey Donation Boxes are now full of football fan gear from Waco, Austin, and College Station. The fan reactions are the best. In Baylor’s case, nothing is worse than losing to an online school (allegedly). For Longhorn fans; “We lost to a school that has a $#@! turtle as their mascot. A Turtle “!; and, “We're everybody's homecoming game”; and, “This week has been a beating, first the hurricane and now this. $#@!ing hell “. And saving the best for last, Aggie fans had this to say; “You would think that 5 million/year would get you a coach that could hold on to a 44-10 lead late in the third quarter”; and, “Nobody could lose that game... we'll be in highlight videos for years! Again”; and, "my vote will be that Kevin Sumlin needs to GO“ – Texas A&M Regent Tony Buzbee. That’s how things roll in Texas.

As is typical in a week 1 dirty-dawg CFCC season, there were a lot of points to be had. And had them you did ! In this case a 12-3 record was good for 1st place and 104 points from T-Dub in Hampton TN. It was also good for 315th place and 50 points for Jesse Binau of Wilmington OH. We don’t call this a confidence contest for nothing ! Group Play is always a crap shoot early in the year; but the Tulsa Twisters and Harvey Rebels are out of the gate first. Enjoy it while you can. Lastly, this week’s game form is incredibly difficult with the likes of Stanford-USC, Oklahoma-Ohio State, Notre Dame- Georgia, TCU- Arkansas, Auburn-Clemson, and Miami-Arkansas State. Ok… that last one is so ridiculously challenging we’re giving it to you free (which means everyone gets ZERO points).