PFCC Week 11 Wrap: It's not Lonely at the Top, but it's Stagnant

by: exRegionalWeenie No Shave November 23, 2017

Despite Week 11's upsets, close calls, beatdowns and even a NY Giants win over Kansas City (what??), there was no change at the top of the overall NFL/PFCC standings. No in NO change. The first four people remained in their exact same slots: Jerry Bailey (first place...woohoo!), Brian Boyd (second...and only TWO points behind Jerry), Brandon Bigelbach (third) and Tina Fausey (fourth). The only new comer to the overall Top 5 is Anthony Cavallucci who inched up one slot into fifth place.

Jerry Bailey rejoices after realizing he's still in 1st place in PFCC/NFL

So while the people listed above make up our "Power 5", here's a look at our "Group of 5": Tim Oram (sixth), Judith Bradberry (seventh), Rich Naden (eigth), Jeff Graschel (ninth) and David Broxton (tenth). Jeff gets a special shoutout because he zoomed up 19 places in the standings into ninth place. Hey Jeff, do that again this week and you'll REALLY be in the driver's seat!

Kudos to the Best Players in Week 11
We had another lackluster week in our NFL picks but several people earned an appearance in this week's notes. First up is Michael Pulis of Kyle, TX. Michael took first place last week by scoring 88 points (overall player average was 29). North Dakota's Brian Gregory was second place with 84 points. He actually won one game more than Michael, but that's irrelevant in Dirty Dawg because we're all about the money points, not won-lost records.

San Antonio's Monte Oaks was in third place last week followed by Jacksonville, FL's Andrew Kennedy. John Schmidt and Jeff Graschel tied for fifth with 70 points each.

Michael Pilus celebrating his Week 11 PFCC/NFL Win (apparently related to overall leader Jerry Bailey)

Look Out, Below!
The ass-end of last week's standings was anchored by Rapid City's Keith Sherburn. We know Keith and we like Keith, but Keith went 4-8 with -26 points, so he earns 15 seconds of Dirty Dawg fame. Keith narrowly edged out ABQ's Kerry Jones (another guy we know and like) who managed to win only THREE games but "earned" a -21 score. As is tradition here at Dirty Dawg, "last place Keith's" -26 score was awarded to ALL of the quitters/forgetters. This means over 30 players had a -26, too, including Aaron Hill, Joe Merchant, Char Dewey, Tim Doggett, and Scott Overpeck, just to name a few. You're welcome.

Group Standings
The Hailraisers have a commanding lead over the second place Harvey Crusaders in the Group Standings. The Hailraisers bill themselves as a "Group for Penn State Meteorology Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Friends." Nice going, Hailraisers. We Are!!! Next in line are The Juice is Loose, BoomerBacks, and Going UP 4 the TD who are in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.