PFCC Week 12 Wrap: Jerry Bailey has Something that You Don't

by: exRegionalWeenie December 1, 2017

All of us want it but only one of us can have it. I'm referring to first place in Dirty Dawg. And right now (following NFL Week 12's Thanksgiving weekend games), Jerry Bailey of Suwanee, GA, has it...and the rest of us don't. Nice job, Jerry!

So, while we congratulate Jerry right now, we also warn him not to get too comfy because there are a few players who could yank that first-place dawg bone right outta his mouth in a heartbeat. Brian Boyd is in second place, just 4 points behind Jerry. Tina Fausey is just one more point behind and even fourth place's Brandon Bigelbach is only 10 points out of first place.

Those Top 4 players listed above are separating themselves from the rest of the pack as there's more than a 30 point gap before you get to fifth place (Tim Oram). The rest of the Top 10 include Judith Bradberry, Anthony Cavallucci, Jeff Graschel, Albert Greenhut and Asam Michael. Actually, we'll add Carol Overton to that list because she's tied with Asam for 10th place.

Jerry Bailey owns something that you don't - first place in PFCC/NFL.

Top Performers of Week 12
Scores were pretty high across the board last week as there weren't many big upsets in the NFL. The best score by far belonged to long-time Dawg Marty Mullen of Brunswick, OH. He was 14-1 with a stellar 114 points! Marty currrently excels at Dirty Dawg but we hear that he was quite the softball coach back in the day. Two guys were tied for second place with 100 points - Jonathan Guseman of Clayhole, KY, and John Schmidt of Peachtree City, GA. Next in line was... well, forget that, I'm not naming each player because we had TWENTY-SIX people who scored in the 90's.

Week 12 Studs: These two guys and Marty Mullen.

Bottom Feeders
In case you wondered "Who screwed the pooch this week?", I have the answer. It was Nicole Ventimiglia of Eastpointe, Michigan, who went 8-7 with 14 points. We've seen far worse scores at the bottom of the weekly standings, but still, Nicole, what gives?

PUBLIC SERVICE ALERT: We suggest that tests be conducted for radon and/or lead paint at the Ventimiglia household in Eastpointe, Michigan. Why? Because the next-worst score last week belonged to Jacob Ventimiglia, who, just like Nicole, resides in Eastpointe, Michigan.

Group Standings
No changes occurred among the top teams in the Group Standings last week. The Hailraisers still have a commanding lead over the second place Harvey Crusaders. We're putting the Hailraisers on Upset Alert for next week, though, as these self-proclaimed Penn Staters adjust to life without their Offensive Coordinator who departed for the head coach job at Mississippi State. Next in line are The Juice is Loose and the BoomerBacks, in third and fourth place, respectively. Fearsome Flea Flickers round out the Top 5.

And now it's on to DECEMBER football. Good luck!