Where's The Playoff Chase

By Boda


So, who got snubbed in this week's Pro Bowl selections ? I don't know - just askin'. Nobody else seems to know either. Anyway, I was hoping for and expecting sheer chaos to unfold over the last two weeks with regard to the "Playoff Chase". You know, when untimely upsets happen and teams on the fringe suddenly find themselves in the cat bird seat. But, this year, especially in the NFC, those in playoff positions keep on winning - as do the teams just on the outside looking in. As it happens, the talent gap in the NFL between the haves and have nots, is pretty large. In the NFC the gaps in playoff odds from the last team in (Atlanta) and the first team out (Detroit) is a whopping 54%. For Detroit to catch Atlanta - the Lions will have to win out while the Falcons lose out. Because Atlanta beat Detroit head to head, Atlanta holds the tie breaker. Makes that goofy yet meaningless win by Atlanta in September, (where the Lions ran out of downs on the 2 inch line on a 10 second runoff on an officials timeout), look pretty important now. In the AFC its a bit more scrambled. Four 8-6 teams are vying for 3 spots, and the Ravens are the odd team out. However, they also have a 94% chance of making the playoffs due to a schedule that finishes with match-ps against the Colts and Bengals. The Chiefs should win ther division and have a 95% chance of getting in. On the other hand, the Titans wrap-up with the Jags and Rams, and the Bills finish with the Patriots and Dolphins. Odds are on the Bills to lose out since the Titans hold the tiebreaker.

Lions Celebrate Playoff Exclusion

This week in dirty-dawg, THREE of you (yes, I said THREE in caps) were perfect. Eric Jones, Brian Walawender, and Ken Drozd all pulled off the coveted 15-0 record. In the overall standings though, it was Jerry Bailey (the famous former Kentucky Derby Jockey) vaulting back into first place with 106 points (despite his small stature). This places him just ahead of Brandon Bigelbach and Tina Fausey. In group play, its Hellraisers comfortably ahead of the Harvey Crusaders and The Juice. Be sure to get your picks in for week 16, and have a great Christmas weekend !

Jerry Bailey Keeps on Winning